Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankfulness, Gratitude & Finding Joy In Everyday Living

With all the hustle and bustle of our lives around here it's so easy to forget to be thankful. To overlook the joy of the small things. To not share with other just how grateful you are to have them in your life.

As parents it's incredibly easy to get caught up in trying to catch up on the daily needs for our families, and in doing so we forget that what we're teaching our children is that those small, "insignificant" things don't matter. They aren't important enough to spend what little extra time we have doing them. In reality, that's not what we want for our girls. Which is why this month I'm going to try and talk about one thing wonderful, a memory, a moment, a special time in life that I feel thankful for having, grateful for experiencing and can look back on with joy in my heart.

Now the obvious choices are out there, you know the ones --- family, friends, job, etc. This isn't what I'm looking for though. I want them to recognize just how quickly you can alter your future and that of those around you with just a little kindness, sympathy, a hug, a smile or just a listening ear.

As much as I would love to have so many changes in my life happen overnight, I realize that isn't how it's going to work. That isn't God's plan for us. I want to rush through so many things, and I often times forget to slow down and actually take what's going on around me in. Today I'm thankful that when I'm rushed, overwhelmed, and stressed out my girls can see that. They may not know what they are supposed to do, but instead they follow their heart, and they wrap their arms around me. My leg, my waist, my shoulders - and they squeeze with all their might. The feeling of their little arms around me makes my heart smile.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Baby Is 4! How Did That Happen?

Well, it's both a happy and sad time here in our house. Baby Big Girl celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday. Of course we're happy that she's reached another major milestone, that she's healthy, happy and growing. Of course, we're happy that she's turning into a bundle of energy, eager to "do school" with her sisters, ready to climb trees, ride bikes and race around trying to keep up with the bigger kids all the time now.

However today is sad for Mommy. Sad because I realize that my baby is growing up, she's almost a "whole hand" now, and there won't be another baby behind her. We made the decision that Baby Big Girl will be our last child, and I have to say right now I'm having major baby withdrawal! It's a good thing I always no someone who's cooking a bun in their over because if not I would go crazy! I love tiny baby yawns, the sweet little toes, the way their little hands clasp onto your finger so tightly.

Someday........a long time from now..............we'll have a house full of new tiny blonde haired babies for me to cuddle and love. Someday........a long time from little blonde haired girls will have their own little ones and then they'll understand just how hard it is to see your child grow up.

Happy Birthday Baby Big Girl! You will always be Mommy's baby!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Testing mobile blogging

Monday, August 29, 2011

Memory Monday

Nanner's 7th birthday party. She choose a super simple design (YAY for me!!), and wanted polka dots. Seriously this couldn't have been any easier! I took a ton of construction paper, traced out different sized circles from all different colors and TA-DA instant decorations!

To keep with the theme we played Twister with all the kids, and they loved it. We served everything in round dishes, and asked the guest to wear polka dots if they could. Auntie Trina bought her a polka dotted cake.

Many people did, and it really helped to add to the atmosphere. With so many dots I figured I'd make good use of all those pictures and show them off.

We taped the pictures on the dots and hung them all over through out the house and the back yard where the party was. Everyone commented how fun it was to see the pictures of her through the years.

Everyone had a blast and it was crazy easy for Mom - WIN WIN!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Memory Monday

Baby Big Girl finished up her Christian Character Quality poster at VBS. Notice that stylish hair? Oh yea, Daddy did that! Whoa! Style'n!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Memory Monday

I've decided that since I have so many wonderful memories to share, and eventually plan to have my blog printed and bound into a scrapbook for the girls that I would start sharing a new picture each Monday.

To kick us off we have...

Sassy, Me & Beanie falling down Splash Mountain in Disneyland last year. Despite the ponchos we still managed to get pretty wet. Our shoes were squishy with water and we were grateful for those flip flops in the stroller!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's 4am and I'm Cooking Chicken

Oh, yes, you read that right. It is indeed 4 am and I'm still up cooking chicken. It seems as though some small person let themselves into the freezer today, but neglected to actually shut the door all the way after pilfering what I'm sure was a frozen doughnut out of it.

Left it OPEN!

Of course this wouldn't happen on a weekend when I don't already have to work all day, nooooo, that would be too easy. It happens at the start of what appears to be one of the busiest weeks this summer to date. I tell ya, they are lucky I've learned how to drink coffee.

(Even if my brothers, best friend and mother all tell me it's not actually coffee if I have to add so much creamer and sugar to it)

It serves me right really. This afternoon at work I got on the scale to find out that I have indeed gained 5 pounds, despite my need to hike up my pants every few steps. We'll just pretend I've gained muscle, okay? Thanks! Then after finally arriving home, at 1:20am I tell myself that I'm going to grab a quick snack and head to bed. That's when things went south. Quickly.

Stepping into a Popsicle puddle as I reach for the handle of the freezer door, I see that things are going to be ugly. As I pulled it open I silently prayed that it would just be the Popsicles that thawed.

Reluctantly I began smooshing my fingers into the meat, and began thinking foul words in my head. Foul, foul words full of frustration. Enough foul words for 50 pounds of chicken, 1 bag of chicken nuggets, 4 London Broil steaks and a rack of pork spare ribs. That my friends is why I am up cooking chicken and it's 4 am. The cats think I've lost it and can't figure out why the front door is open this late at night.

In good news ----I'm nearly caught up on laundry! (don't rain on my parade I'm trying to find some positive in this, ummm kay?)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Our Garden Grows

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of our garden since we're sooooo stinking proud of all how far we've come since last years duo of tomato plants.

Day one

See all those tiny green leaves spring up, those are the canteloupes.

Just a few weeks later!

Mid July - the squash are insane!

Spunky Girl's hand on a squash leaf

Monday, July 18, 2011

We Might Just Be Farmers After All!

Well, probably not, but this is the first year that we've successfully grown anything besides tomatoes. We are thrilled with our little garden and hope it continues to flourish. The hours of sweat and dirty nails paired with the sunburns that go along with it are all worth it knowing that we are actually growing stuff! Besides when you have a great supervisor like Gambit, you know you'll work hard. Or if you're a frog, you'll at least want to stay hidden in the tall grass by the fence.

We planted one mystery plant and we think it might just be a bell pepper plant. It's not producing anything right now, but maybe it will. Who knows?

Other than our mystery plant we have one Roma tomato, two Crook Necked Yellow Squash, one Green Bell Pepper, cucumbers, pumpkins and a whole bunch of cantaloupes. The cantaloupes we honestly quite an accident.

We tried sprouting them in egg shells filled with soil, and had no luck. After about 3 weeks I told the girls to just crunch the shells up and toss them in dirt and all. Welllllll, those little seeds decided they'll bury themselves and take off. We had cantaloupes coming out our ears. Luckily I was able to spread the joy and take a bunch on over to our church and plant them in the garden we are growing there.

Our 1st squash for 2011

Now that we know how the squash grow we are planning our garden a little differently next year. We're even going to try and expand it about 18" forward, which should give us a whole 'nother row.

Family and Friends For Fun BBQ 2011

We co-run our youth group at church, and have happily declared it to be named Family &Friends For Fun! Why? Well, because we are friends, we are family and we want to have fun!

Since the weather has been so nice lately we decided that we would have a barbecue at a local splash park. Sadly upon arrival we were notified that the fountains were broken, and they didn't think they would be fixing them this summer. That was a major drag, but not ones to give up we just played a fun game of kick ball instead.

We broke up into two teams and played against each other. No one really kept score, and it was great to show the kids that you can have fun without the pressure of being a "winner".

Of course there was awesome food, and everyone ate until we were bursting at the seams. Delicious burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, veggies, brownies and cookies! Yum!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

So I suck....

Apparently I have been terrible about actually posting the things I write. I just went through my 20 or so posts that are just chillin in my editing box, waiting for me to get around to adding pictures and such to them.

The girls birthday posts are all there, all but Baby Big Girl whose birthday has yet to come. Hmm, think they'll notice if I just stick them in anywhere? Here's hopeing I get to them before the end of summer. :)

Half Way Over Already??

Man, it feels like summer just started and today I realized that we are nearly done with it! Ahhhhh! I am NOT ready for that just yet. Ummm, hello my to do list is still brimming with crap to get done!

Stupid bills they just keep on a'comin, plopping their happy little selves into my boring little mailbox (note to self: mailbox revamp is on list). If only that Publishers Clearing House crew would show up here with their oversized check and balloon bouquet....ehhh whatever!

School planning starts again next week, I took a hiatus from it since I tend to work more in the summer and I have yet to figure out how to completely go without sleep for more than about 48 hours before those around me start avoiding me at all cost. Huh, who knew that your family and friends even want you to get some kind of sleep. **wink**

My beloved mini van has decided to kill over, or at least place itself on a time out. Now if only it wouldn't have decided that when I was 92 miles from home, alone and on the freeway!

Not just the freeway folks, ohhhh no!

That would have been easy peasy right, just pull to the side of the road and await assistance. Nope! It decides to just stop as I'm crossing a busy bridge and there is NO where to pull over at.

So yeah, if you happened to notice that crazy woman in the green mini van crying her eyes out the other day in San Fransisco - it was me! I've never been so thankful to see the tow truck guy as I was right then. Seriously I forgot to get his name, but managed to thank him 35 times in the short time we spent together. Oh and just for kicks I also broke down 100 feet from my exit, and after my tow truck angel pushed me down the exit and across the street, I find out that my stopping point is a terrible part of town. Lock your doors and pretend not to see anything terrible. The co-worker I called to tell I would be late told me "lock your doors and DO NOT get out of the car". Since he grew up in SF I had to believe him and can I just say - Ummm, that made me feel soooo safe - not! Holy crud! Good thing that The Boy and Brother 1 and 2 came to my rescue. Those boys are handy to have around, I tell ya!

Monday, June 13, 2011

How Quickly Life Can Change

I've debated whether or not to write about this, finally I decided that if it stops one person, just one, from making the same mistake that stole someone that we loved away from us, then it's truly worth it in the end.

On October 9, 1991 the world became a brighter place. My family was blessed with my cousin Krystal. As the days turned into years, Krystal grew into a beautiful, intelligent, bright young woman. A young woman with dreams, aspirations and a strong desire to make those dreams a reality. Everything about Krystal exclaimed sunshine, fun and happiness. Her favorite color - ORANGE - seriously how can you not be happy when you see such a bright cheerful color.

On May 14, 2011, my families world was rocked in a way it has never been. Krystal was killed in a terrible car accident. An accident that could have been prevented in so many ways. The same woman who was a candy striper at a local hospital, is now being mourned by all those who knew her. The same woman who just finished her first semester in collage will now never make her dreams of becoming a nurse a reality.

Her favorite color is draped across her family in so many ways. Ribbons, flowers, tshirts, bracelets, you name it. All in her memory, all to show her that we care. The family left behind to mourn her, to long for her smiling face, to wish for one more chance to say I love you came together in a way that was unbelievable........all for her. All for Krystal.

We truly believe that she is dancing in the golden streets of Heaven with the Lord. She is watching from above. She knows that we love her, that we mourn for her and that we will never give up her memory.

Rest In Paradise Krystal Somer, our worlds will never be the same without you.

Don't let a day go by without telling the ones you love just how much they mean to you. Don't let life separate you. Take that extra day off of work to spend the day at the park with the family. Don't let months go by before you realize it's been that long. Don't let someone you love pass away without knowing that you care.

Don't for one moment think that if her parents, her siblings, her family, her friends could have even just one more second with her they wouldn't jump at the chance.

Buckle up!
Drive Safe!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

LENS Photo Challenge

For a few weeks now I have been checking out the photos over on Home Is Where You Start From. Jenny holds a weekly photo challenge giving us a specific idea to work with, this weeks challenge idea is "this moment".

Since the great computer crash of 2011 a while back I have been eager to get some more photos so I can participate, and this one just happened to be captured during Children's Moment last Sunday at church. I adore this picture, not to mention the two little angels in it.

That's Matthew, he's one of Baby Big Girl's best buddies. Now, usually these two are wild, and crazy, running around like mad, and generally creating mischief, here's a side that his mommy and I know is there, but the rest of the world rarely gets to see...

Such a sweetie, he was showing her how to hold her hands and pray.

A to Z Blogging Challenge - N

N is for...
Not enough time!
I know I'm not the only mommy out there that thinks that there is simply not enough time in the day, but seriously give me a break! I need some sleep, there is a mountain of laundry to do, the house is filthy, the yard needs cleaned up and I would LOVE to get some crafting time in. Oh, and I have a bazillion papers to grade. UGH! Alright, so I could just sit and whine about what I have to do, or I could try to come up with some sort of list (I like those!) that would totally make it better. So I suppppose I should start off with getting the heck off here, but hey whatever. {{wink}}

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - R

R is for...

remembering that I have come a long way since the first one....and learned a lot the hard way! :)

A to Z Blogging Challenge - S

S is for...


Sweet hearts.



Smiling little girls.

Simple pleasures.

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Q

Q is for...

QUIET Q-T pies resting peacefully. Quietly reading books without interuption. Quickly cleaning the house so I can blog.

A to Z Blogging Challenge - P

P is for...

Priceless memories made by the littlest princess.

A to Z Blogging Challenge - O

O is for...

oooooing and ahhhinnnng toys and prizes.....

A to Z Blogging Challenge - T

T is for...

Thanking all of the men and women and their families for their great sacrifices. They are the reason that my children can run free, without worry in the park. They are the reason that I sleep soundly at night, without care from waking to a violent life. They are the ones that have selflessly offered to defend our country through thick and thin. To give up their comforts and place themselves on the line. For all of that and so much more, we


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - M

M is for...

So today I thought I would share one of my very favorite blogs. Charlene, of My Frugal Adventures, is one of the nicest people I've "met". Every week she spends hours scouring the ads to make sure that her couponing buddies (that's us!) get the best deals possible. Top that off with the fact that she's got two adorable little girls, and a husband - AND she actually makes dinner every night! Now the fact that she makes a delicious dinner nightly is enough to make me wanna have her adopt me! ::wink:: If you ever wanted to know what all the fuss was about in couponing, Charlene can surely explain it to ya! :) For the record, I just thought it would be nice to share one of my favorite sites with some people outside of the grocery store line. I don't personally know Charlene, nor did she ask me to do this, I just think she rocks!

A to Z Blogging Challenge - L

L is for...

List Making

Those that know me best, know that I'm a compulsive list maker. Seriously I have to make them or I'll go a little insane. I don't know what it is about that little slip of paper, but it offers such a sense of control in our otherwise chaotic life of raising five girls.

Wordless Wednesday

Baby Big Girl singing Zacchaeus during the Talent Show at Our Little White Church.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A - Z blogging challenge - I

I is for...

I have a sort of unnatural obession with ice. It doesn't matter how cold it is you will find ice in our house. I got to our corner AmPm gas station to get a fountain drink there just because they have great ice.
CRUNCH........CRUNCH...........CRUNCH! I've always been obsessed with ice, and it's not looking like that's going to change anytime soon. Good thing The Boy doesn't mind, because I've got the girls hooked too.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Question Friday

Linking up for Five Question Friday over at My Little Life

1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Losing the need to sleep would be nice, but since I don't see that in the near future I suppose I would like to be able to maintain a sense of order and cleanliness in this house of mine without having to scream like I'm an escaped patient from the local nut house. Ehhhh, that's not likely either. Blah! 2. Write about a time when you got lost. LOL! Just one? I'm constantly getting lost. The Boy is commonly known as MapQuest since he has a near perfect sense of direction. Me, not so much. I get lost everywhere all the freaking time! 3. Camping or 5 star hotel? Both! I love camping, I would love it more if someone else did the cooking, setting up and cleaning up. I love hotels because they are so nice and quiet, The Boy and I can actually sit and have a conversation in quiet sans interruptions. We have been known to sneak off to a hotel for the weekend before just because we need some time alone. 4. Have you donated blood? Nope, they don't want it. Something about always being pregnant, nursing and iron low. Hmmm, at least I've eliminated the first two now. Perhaps I can in the future. 5. Do you have a budget or do you 'fly by' most months? We have a budget, we even have a account. It emails us to let us know when we are getting close to going over budget in any area, and I promptly delete those emails and continue on. I coupon, I bargain shop and I try but dang it gas here has gone up 20 cents in 2 weeks!

A - Z blogging challenge - C

C is for...

Church families

Our little white church is full of wonderful people that make us feel like we all belong together. At our annual town hall meeting last month we discussed why we thought that people came to Cottage Way and how we could continue to grow as a Christ based community. Every single person there said that they felt like family when they entered through the doors. People went out of their way to make them feel welcomed and more importantly wanted. They learned each others names greeting every new person with caring, and compassion. They want to know about your lives, your families, your needs. They want to pray for you and with you for both the joyful and concerning moments in your life.

A - Z blogging challenge - B

B is for...


As in we have only one! The Boy aka Daddy is the only male, aside from the cats, that we have and he's treated as such. He's on a constant guard from glittery, feathery, girly stuff that sticks to anything it touches like glue.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A - Z blogging challenge - K

K is for...


We are a house full of kids, and at times it's crazy, insane, absolutely wild here. Seriously this morning alone I had to remind Spunky Girl that it's not okay to walk outside naked. That most people don't wear pajamas all day and please don't stand on the counter.

Nanners is learning to cook. Pancakes seemed to be quite easy to start with and she has just about mastered it. This morning she melted a whole in the only measuring cup that we have left. I suppose it's not really a learning experience unless something starts on fire, lol.

Baby Big Girl thought that cupcakes would be the perfect breakfast. 8 of them to be exact. While I personally agree with her (and secretly stuffed 2 in my mouth when she wasn't looking) the Mommy in me had to tell those big hazel eyes that she couldn't have them. Don't worry though she was quickly distracted by the pretty new shirt Mommy bought her.

Did I mention that all this happened before 9am? No freaking wonder I'm exhausted by bed time!

A - Z blogging challenge - J

J is for...
Just mind your own business!
Sometimes in life you might come across some good hearted, even annoying soul that insist to you that they know just exactly how to raise your children. Yep, you read that right, your children. Now when these types of things happened five or ten years ago, I promptly went into hyper-defensive mode loudly declaring that I knew what was best for my child and I wouldn't take other people's advice into consideration, especially that of someone who clearly was just trying to make my life hard. Fast forward a few kids, and many days, I'm now more likely to respectfully remind you that they are my children, and after a discussion with their Dad I may or may not take what you are advising into consideration. Here's when things get ugly though. DON'T EVER assume that it's okay to snatch a toy from my child. DON'T EVER assume that I don't see what your doing. DON'T EVER assume that your opinion will even be tolerated, let alone respectfully so after I witness you snatching the toy from my child's tiny little hand, and then topping it off with a heaping spoonful of "SHHHHHHHHH, BE Quiet!". Now I understand that you're older. I understand that you obviously have the opinion that children should be seen and not heard. Here are a few things I need you to understand: I am their mother. You are not their mother, grandmother, friend or anything of that matter. It's not okay to correct my child when their Dad and I are clearly sitting within arms reach. It's not okay to EVER snatch something from the tiny hand of my child. And for the record I would like you to

A - Z blogging challenge - H

H is for...

Harvesting plants

Hopefully we will be doing that in a few short months. This weekend we will be planting tomatoes, jalapenos, strawberries, zucchinis, cucumbers and maybe some watermelon. Last year we grew pumpkins, jalapenos, and tomatoes with decent success. We're hoping that this year we are able to have even more success, especially if we can keep the little ones from picking the plants before they're ready.

A - Z blogging challenge - G

G is for...
Godly Girls
As parents of girls we are in a constant fight to not only keep our girls safe from general harm, but safe from the constant barrage of things that are telling them they need to be sexy, or they need to wear make up to make themselves pretty. They have to dress a certain way in order to have friends or for that matter that they have to have a boyfriend period. I for one get sick and tired of seeing the ridiculous media images that people seem to have found alright floating around the world. The scantily clad models, many of whom I'm old enough to be their mother, in push up bras and pants that say "sexy" across the backside. Have you ever had the experience of taking a tall 11 year old shopping for a swimming suit. It's awful! We end up having to buy her a racing suit for a swim team, which while they are fine looking, when she just wants one in her favorite color and she deals with wearing black every. single. year. it's tough to keep your chin up about it. We have rules at our house regarding clothes for our girls, some of which include no spaghetti strap tank tops or dresses (unless they have a shirt under), no halter tops, if you lift your arms and I can see your belly then it's too short. Of course there are more, but off the top of my head these come to mind. We always check our girls clothes before they are allowed to leave. Spunky Girl is well known for wearing mismatched clothing and her own crazy style shining through brightly, but at least I know she's all covered up. Perfect example that you can be beautiful and stylish without succumbing to the latest "sexy" clothing craze.

A - Z blogging challenge - F

F is for...
There are all sorts of great free family friendly activities around us and the girls happily participate in many of them. Some of our favorites are below. Here in Sacramento we have a awesome woman that runs a blog called Sacramento Sidetracks. She posts tons of great resources for families. Many of those are free. It's amazing what's out there to do, you just gotta look! Nanner's building a butterfly hut at a Home Depot Kids Build It Workshop. In our area they have them the first Saturday morning of the month from 9am till noon. The kids love it! Baby Big Girl showing off her fabulous orange Home Depot apron. Here the girls are learning how they used to scrub clothes in the old West. We went to Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento. They panned for gold, talked to old cowboys, and even took a trip through the old dentist and doctor "office". Let's just say that I'm happy medicine has come this far!

A - Z blogging challenge - E

E is for...

Extra Eager Egghunters!

Baby Big Girl in 2009

The Boy and Baby Big Girl

The View from the end of the hunting area! I had to run right after this picture was snapped. Those kids are SERIOUS about hunting their eggs!

A - Z blogging challenge - D

D is for...

demanding daily duties

Okay I know that I'm not the only parent out there that thinks that this whole daily list of things to do is getting out of control. I am seriously looking to simplify my life.

Winning the lottery sounds like it would simplify things. I mean think about it I would hire help to cook and clean the house. On top of that we would purchase a home that is a smidgen larger than then current 955 square feet that we are holed up in, which would give everyone more space. Sounds like a plan to me!

Now I just have to get over that whole throwing away money thing that I think the lottery is. Oh well, I guess for now I'm stuck with my demanding daily duties of cooking, cleaning, schooling, chauffeuring and attempting to shower in between.

A - Z Challenge for April - A

A is for:


For the most part I try to keep a pretty optimistic, upbeat attitude, but man o' man Beanie has developed a special skill of sending me through the roof with one little smart mouth quip from her. Whoa there missy! I don't know who exactly replaced my sweet little girl with this awful teenaged mutant but BRING MY GOOD KID BACK!

No, seriously she's pretty good most of the time. She definitely has her days though. The worst part I realized is that I'm just now starting the beginning of my way too long journey through the teen years. We kick off in 2011 with Beanie and we wrap up in 2027 with Baby Big Girl turning 19. Oh man, that's scary to even write. Wish me luck!

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 28

Day 28 if someone gave you $1000.00 to spend on YOURSELF what would you buy?

Ohhhh, first off I would probably have to be reminded several times that I wasn't supposed to be shopping for other people since I tend to start off looking for myself but end up buying for other people.

Once that was over I'm off to buy some fabulous goodies like these:

Canon Lenses - is it bad that I really just kinda want to start collecting them? A wall of fun colored Converse. I love them. Truly. Madly. Deeply. My kids all hate them. It really makes me a little sad. Running shoes - yes I want to take up running, in addition to all the running I do after the girls. I figure it's easy, and since I already own a jogging stroller why not? Besides I hear it's great exercise ::wink:: Last but not least I would promptly order myself a Silhouette cutting machine. I neeeeed one of these, bad. Seriously I have all kinds of fabulous plans for this little lady. I will have one, soon! Oh and since I'm such a crazy bargain shopper I'm going to snag a couple cute outfits and some kind of summer footwear that isn't a flip flop.

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 27

image from Day 27 - my favorite meals & recipes Well since I really don't enjoy cooking all that much, I'd have to say that something I can quickly pull together is my favorite. My family loves tortilla soup, and I scored a quick and crazy easy receipe off I jazzed it up to my families liking and of course like most things I had to double the size so it fed all of us. The best part is that I pre cook my chicken and freeze it so I can whip this together in 5 minutes, which is great for those last minute dinners. 2 cans pinquito beans 2 cans black beans 2 cans small red beans 1 can pinto beans 1 24 oz container of chicken broth 1 can of cream of chicken soup 2 cans of diced tomatoes with chiles 2 cans of whole cut corn 4 chicken breast, shredded and cooked 1 bag of tortilla chips shredded cheese sour cream 1. drain and rinse all your beans 2. pour in chicken broth and cream of chicken soup and mix well 3. start dumping in your beans, tomatoes, corn and whatever other veggies you like (the kids don't eat bell peppers, but when it's just The Boy and I we add them) 4. add chicken and mix together 5. heat until warm 6. put tortilla chips in bowl, and laddle soup over the top 7. garnish with cheese, sour cream and whatever else you like (The Boy and I add salsa and jalepenos to ours) Easy peasy!

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 - the best gift you’ve ever received

Aside from my family, of course, I would say the best gift I ever received would have to have been my Canon 50D. I cried, my brother made fun of me and I didn't even care. I wanted it for so long and I finally got it. Of course now I want some of the fun "toys" that go with it. It's awesome being able to grab my camera anytime I want to capture the kids latest cute face or their most recent sidewalk chalk masterpiece.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 25

Day 25 - Something you're looking forward to

Right now the thing I'm looking forward to the most is summer. For a homeschool family it means time to plan and relax. Camping trips, dripping ice cream cones and lazy days at the splash park are coming and I can hardly wait! The girls love the change of pace they get and I love that I don't have to worry about everything quite as much at least. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 24

Day 24 - Your favorite book or author

While I read a ton of books, I don't have a favorite author. I read a variety of different styles and for me there are just too many great authors out there to single out one person.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 23

This picture really has nothing to do with this post, however if you ever google "bad dye jobs" you get some interesting results! Oh and my hair didn't turn pink, it was however a wonderful shade of orangey reddish splotchy mess. :)

Day 23 - How'd you come up with the name for your blog?
This one was easy for me, I wanted something fun that described me. My husband and I have a running joke that I'm distracted by things. Like a lot. Super easy. Like talking and suddenly will stop in mid sentence and walk away easy. LOL! I say it's because I have so many things on my mind at any given moment, but whatever. Anyway we'll notice other people doing it as well, and we got in the habit of saying "shiiiiny" when we noticed it. It was a funny inside joke between us, that we've since included many friends and family members in on. Hilarious story. I decided that my hair was boring one day, and needed an immediate change. I thought perhaps coloring it would be fun. I enlisted the help of my dear friend Heather (poor Heather Feather gets caught up in lots of my ideas, lol). So she comes over and we head out to Target to grab a couple boxes of dye. No kidding on the way into the store I stopped so many times that she seriously wondered aloud how I managed to get anything done.....ever. The dollar section in the front (they have some cool stuff sometimes man!). Then I seen they had a couple of racks of girls clothes on clearance and I wanted to stop there (umm hello 5 girls!). I was redirected by Heather and reminded that we were there for dye ONLY! A few more isles down, I spy the cough drops, I make a sharp right to snag a couple bags for my brother since he'd been feeling under the weather. I then begin wondering aloud if I should pick up some medicine for him, openly having a debate with myself while she laughed hysterically at me. Finally we made it to the dye which was a huge deal in itself. We settled on some color that turned out to be awful and I still managed to grab some mascara and a soda and a candy bar on the way out of Target. Upon returning to our house Heather declared to The Boy that I have the attention span of a gold fish which makes it impossible to get in and out of the store. Knowing that it's true he laughs hysterically and asks what I stopped at and begins to explain the reasons why I stopped at each location.
Dollar Spot - no real reason, she just has to walk through it just in case there's something there that's great

Girls Clearance - ummm 5 girls that constantly grow and need clothes, need I say more

Cough drops/medicine - brother is sick and he needs to feel better

make up - lost mascara due to Spunky Girl "coloring" the walls with it and have been masacraless for over a week - crisis time!

soda - we have none at home since I neglected to go to the grocery store since I was busy schooling our bajillion children, lol
That my friends is why I love that man. He totally gets me and doesn't even mind that I'm distracted by shiny things. :)