Monday, July 18, 2011

We Might Just Be Farmers After All!

Well, probably not, but this is the first year that we've successfully grown anything besides tomatoes. We are thrilled with our little garden and hope it continues to flourish. The hours of sweat and dirty nails paired with the sunburns that go along with it are all worth it knowing that we are actually growing stuff! Besides when you have a great supervisor like Gambit, you know you'll work hard. Or if you're a frog, you'll at least want to stay hidden in the tall grass by the fence.

We planted one mystery plant and we think it might just be a bell pepper plant. It's not producing anything right now, but maybe it will. Who knows?

Other than our mystery plant we have one Roma tomato, two Crook Necked Yellow Squash, one Green Bell Pepper, cucumbers, pumpkins and a whole bunch of cantaloupes. The cantaloupes we honestly quite an accident.

We tried sprouting them in egg shells filled with soil, and had no luck. After about 3 weeks I told the girls to just crunch the shells up and toss them in dirt and all. Welllllll, those little seeds decided they'll bury themselves and take off. We had cantaloupes coming out our ears. Luckily I was able to spread the joy and take a bunch on over to our church and plant them in the garden we are growing there.

Our 1st squash for 2011

Now that we know how the squash grow we are planning our garden a little differently next year. We're even going to try and expand it about 18" forward, which should give us a whole 'nother row.

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  1. Great to read your post. Only success I'm having is tomatoes, planted them over the septic tank. I think next year I'll put the whole garden there.