Thursday, July 29, 2010

Homemade Sport Drinks

Since the weather here in Northern California is starting to heat up (finally) I thought I'd share with you some of our favorite summer activities, and some cool things I found on another blog you should check out.

Homemade Sports Drinks - umm, yea need I say more! We all know what's in them, and we all know that they carry a hefty price tag, especially when you forget your little darlings drink at home and you are rushing to thier sporting endevor with no time to return home, you stop at the local gas station and promptly give over an arm and a leg for the drink that is sure to spill in the back seat of your car, and no one tell you about until it's dried, oh wait is that just me? Anywho, head over to homemade mamas and test it out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I researched books till I was blind from stareing at the monitor. I had all of my ISBN numbers ready, I knew what workbooks to buy with my textbooks. I knew the price range I could find them for. Now I can't find any of Beanie's books.

Well I take that back, I can find them, but they are WAY more expensive than what I would have paid if I would have just went ahead and ordered the dang things before. I'm very frustrated right now. Her science book was selling for 8 bucks at the beggining of summer, it's now 70.00!! UGH!

I'm taking a break and going to buy some school supplies now. Yes, homeschoolers need LOTS of school supplies. Plus I just like it! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Back to the Grind

Monday came and went, with not a single lesson plan in sight. I did have a good reason though, The Boy was home. He had the day off, and we had some errands to run so we did that. We also had some laundry to do, I did that.

It's Tuesday morning and I'm printing up various worksheets to stack into their manila folders for use later. I'll post some pictures of my crazy system sooner or later, and you'll see just how organized I am.

Fare well summer, I will see you again soon. Hopefully next year it'll be in shorts.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lesson Planning

Ahh, it's that time of year again - the dreaded lesson planning season. You see while many of our friends are giddy and dancing down the isles of the local Target with their back to school list in hand, we are not.

We homeschool our girls, which means that there is no break for us. This isn't to say we don't back to school shop. Who can pass up pencils for a penny and packs of paper for a quarter? Not me, definently not me!

I love pileing new crayons, rulers, notebooks, folders, and of course new pencils into our cart. I'll assign each girl their own color and write their names on their new school stuff. I neatly assign each girl their own shelf, labeled with their name.

This time of year reminds me of one thing - my lesson plans are not complete! AHHH! Seriously I'm one of those over planners who also second guess every decision they make. So much so, that I'll often end up giving up on the whole thing. (Perhaps this is why we eat out so much?)

While I'm not terribly behind, I don't like the feeling of stress that I know will inevitably envelope me in a few weeks. This year started off bad a year ago when I realized that I would have a junior high student. Yep, on top of dealing with the sassy remarks, and breaking up fights between her and whatever sister she happens to be trying to "persuade" at the moment I get to create her lesson plans for the year. Joy, oh joy!

I've given myself a reprive for this weekend. Starting Monday I will be a lesson planning fool. Maybe I'll post some, perhaps someone out there will appriciate the loss of sleep that I get in creating them, because these kids sure don't seem to appriciate it at all!

Good thing I knew this would be a mountain climbing lesson, without ropes it feels like at times. The countdown begins...14 days to go. Guess I better print up the lesson plan book at least. :)