Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankfulness, Gratitude & Finding Joy In Everyday Living

With all the hustle and bustle of our lives around here it's so easy to forget to be thankful. To overlook the joy of the small things. To not share with other just how grateful you are to have them in your life.

As parents it's incredibly easy to get caught up in trying to catch up on the daily needs for our families, and in doing so we forget that what we're teaching our children is that those small, "insignificant" things don't matter. They aren't important enough to spend what little extra time we have doing them. In reality, that's not what we want for our girls. Which is why this month I'm going to try and talk about one thing wonderful, a memory, a moment, a special time in life that I feel thankful for having, grateful for experiencing and can look back on with joy in my heart.

Now the obvious choices are out there, you know the ones --- family, friends, job, etc. This isn't what I'm looking for though. I want them to recognize just how quickly you can alter your future and that of those around you with just a little kindness, sympathy, a hug, a smile or just a listening ear.

As much as I would love to have so many changes in my life happen overnight, I realize that isn't how it's going to work. That isn't God's plan for us. I want to rush through so many things, and I often times forget to slow down and actually take what's going on around me in. Today I'm thankful that when I'm rushed, overwhelmed, and stressed out my girls can see that. They may not know what they are supposed to do, but instead they follow their heart, and they wrap their arms around me. My leg, my waist, my shoulders - and they squeeze with all their might. The feeling of their little arms around me makes my heart smile.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Baby Is 4! How Did That Happen?

Well, it's both a happy and sad time here in our house. Baby Big Girl celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday. Of course we're happy that she's reached another major milestone, that she's healthy, happy and growing. Of course, we're happy that she's turning into a bundle of energy, eager to "do school" with her sisters, ready to climb trees, ride bikes and race around trying to keep up with the bigger kids all the time now.

However today is sad for Mommy. Sad because I realize that my baby is growing up, she's almost a "whole hand" now, and there won't be another baby behind her. We made the decision that Baby Big Girl will be our last child, and I have to say right now I'm having major baby withdrawal! It's a good thing I always no someone who's cooking a bun in their over because if not I would go crazy! I love tiny baby yawns, the sweet little toes, the way their little hands clasp onto your finger so tightly.

Someday........a long time from now..............we'll have a house full of new tiny blonde haired babies for me to cuddle and love. Someday........a long time from little blonde haired girls will have their own little ones and then they'll understand just how hard it is to see your child grow up.

Happy Birthday Baby Big Girl! You will always be Mommy's baby!