Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Baby Is 4! How Did That Happen?

Well, it's both a happy and sad time here in our house. Baby Big Girl celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday. Of course we're happy that she's reached another major milestone, that she's healthy, happy and growing. Of course, we're happy that she's turning into a bundle of energy, eager to "do school" with her sisters, ready to climb trees, ride bikes and race around trying to keep up with the bigger kids all the time now.

However today is sad for Mommy. Sad because I realize that my baby is growing up, she's almost a "whole hand" now, and there won't be another baby behind her. We made the decision that Baby Big Girl will be our last child, and I have to say right now I'm having major baby withdrawal! It's a good thing I always no someone who's cooking a bun in their over because if not I would go crazy! I love tiny baby yawns, the sweet little toes, the way their little hands clasp onto your finger so tightly.

Someday........a long time from now..............we'll have a house full of new tiny blonde haired babies for me to cuddle and love. Someday........a long time from now...........my little blonde haired girls will have their own little ones and then they'll understand just how hard it is to see your child grow up.

Happy Birthday Baby Big Girl! You will always be Mommy's baby!

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