Sunday, July 17, 2011

Half Way Over Already??

Man, it feels like summer just started and today I realized that we are nearly done with it! Ahhhhh! I am NOT ready for that just yet. Ummm, hello my to do list is still brimming with crap to get done!

Stupid bills they just keep on a'comin, plopping their happy little selves into my boring little mailbox (note to self: mailbox revamp is on list). If only that Publishers Clearing House crew would show up here with their oversized check and balloon bouquet....ehhh whatever!

School planning starts again next week, I took a hiatus from it since I tend to work more in the summer and I have yet to figure out how to completely go without sleep for more than about 48 hours before those around me start avoiding me at all cost. Huh, who knew that your family and friends even want you to get some kind of sleep. **wink**

My beloved mini van has decided to kill over, or at least place itself on a time out. Now if only it wouldn't have decided that when I was 92 miles from home, alone and on the freeway!

Not just the freeway folks, ohhhh no!

That would have been easy peasy right, just pull to the side of the road and await assistance. Nope! It decides to just stop as I'm crossing a busy bridge and there is NO where to pull over at.

So yeah, if you happened to notice that crazy woman in the green mini van crying her eyes out the other day in San Fransisco - it was me! I've never been so thankful to see the tow truck guy as I was right then. Seriously I forgot to get his name, but managed to thank him 35 times in the short time we spent together. Oh and just for kicks I also broke down 100 feet from my exit, and after my tow truck angel pushed me down the exit and across the street, I find out that my stopping point is a terrible part of town. Lock your doors and pretend not to see anything terrible. The co-worker I called to tell I would be late told me "lock your doors and DO NOT get out of the car". Since he grew up in SF I had to believe him and can I just say - Ummm, that made me feel soooo safe - not! Holy crud! Good thing that The Boy and Brother 1 and 2 came to my rescue. Those boys are handy to have around, I tell ya!

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