Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's 4am and I'm Cooking Chicken

Oh, yes, you read that right. It is indeed 4 am and I'm still up cooking chicken. It seems as though some small person let themselves into the freezer today, but neglected to actually shut the door all the way after pilfering what I'm sure was a frozen doughnut out of it.

Left it OPEN!

Of course this wouldn't happen on a weekend when I don't already have to work all day, nooooo, that would be too easy. It happens at the start of what appears to be one of the busiest weeks this summer to date. I tell ya, they are lucky I've learned how to drink coffee.

(Even if my brothers, best friend and mother all tell me it's not actually coffee if I have to add so much creamer and sugar to it)

It serves me right really. This afternoon at work I got on the scale to find out that I have indeed gained 5 pounds, despite my need to hike up my pants every few steps. We'll just pretend I've gained muscle, okay? Thanks! Then after finally arriving home, at 1:20am I tell myself that I'm going to grab a quick snack and head to bed. That's when things went south. Quickly.

Stepping into a Popsicle puddle as I reach for the handle of the freezer door, I see that things are going to be ugly. As I pulled it open I silently prayed that it would just be the Popsicles that thawed.

Reluctantly I began smooshing my fingers into the meat, and began thinking foul words in my head. Foul, foul words full of frustration. Enough foul words for 50 pounds of chicken, 1 bag of chicken nuggets, 4 London Broil steaks and a rack of pork spare ribs. That my friends is why I am up cooking chicken and it's 4 am. The cats think I've lost it and can't figure out why the front door is open this late at night.

In good news ----I'm nearly caught up on laundry! (don't rain on my parade I'm trying to find some positive in this, ummm kay?)

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