Thursday, April 7, 2011

A - Z blogging challenge - F

F is for...
There are all sorts of great free family friendly activities around us and the girls happily participate in many of them. Some of our favorites are below. Here in Sacramento we have a awesome woman that runs a blog called Sacramento Sidetracks. She posts tons of great resources for families. Many of those are free. It's amazing what's out there to do, you just gotta look! Nanner's building a butterfly hut at a Home Depot Kids Build It Workshop. In our area they have them the first Saturday morning of the month from 9am till noon. The kids love it! Baby Big Girl showing off her fabulous orange Home Depot apron. Here the girls are learning how they used to scrub clothes in the old West. We went to Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento. They panned for gold, talked to old cowboys, and even took a trip through the old dentist and doctor "office". Let's just say that I'm happy medicine has come this far!

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