Thursday, April 7, 2011

A - Z blogging challenge - K

K is for...


We are a house full of kids, and at times it's crazy, insane, absolutely wild here. Seriously this morning alone I had to remind Spunky Girl that it's not okay to walk outside naked. That most people don't wear pajamas all day and please don't stand on the counter.

Nanners is learning to cook. Pancakes seemed to be quite easy to start with and she has just about mastered it. This morning she melted a whole in the only measuring cup that we have left. I suppose it's not really a learning experience unless something starts on fire, lol.

Baby Big Girl thought that cupcakes would be the perfect breakfast. 8 of them to be exact. While I personally agree with her (and secretly stuffed 2 in my mouth when she wasn't looking) the Mommy in me had to tell those big hazel eyes that she couldn't have them. Don't worry though she was quickly distracted by the pretty new shirt Mommy bought her.

Did I mention that all this happened before 9am? No freaking wonder I'm exhausted by bed time!

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