Monday, August 29, 2011

Memory Monday

Nanner's 7th birthday party. She choose a super simple design (YAY for me!!), and wanted polka dots. Seriously this couldn't have been any easier! I took a ton of construction paper, traced out different sized circles from all different colors and TA-DA instant decorations!

To keep with the theme we played Twister with all the kids, and they loved it. We served everything in round dishes, and asked the guest to wear polka dots if they could. Auntie Trina bought her a polka dotted cake.

Many people did, and it really helped to add to the atmosphere. With so many dots I figured I'd make good use of all those pictures and show them off.

We taped the pictures on the dots and hung them all over through out the house and the back yard where the party was. Everyone commented how fun it was to see the pictures of her through the years.

Everyone had a blast and it was crazy easy for Mom - WIN WIN!!

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