Monday, March 7, 2011

Fundraising For Kids

So at our Little White Church we reignited the youth group and have begun doing various activities together. The kids are having a BLAST! They love just about anything to do with it, even the hard work.

Every month we are doing some sort of fundraiser to help pay for the kids to spend a week at Church Camp this summer. Sadly, only those that have completed 3rd grade will be eligible to attend, but none the less we are all helping out. After some number crunching we found out that we will have about 10 kids attending this year. Now considering that we are a very small congregation this is very exciting for us. This also means a ton more money to raise.

10 kids x 430.00 = 4300.00 (kind of a scary thought!)

Well last year there wasn't a whole lot of fundraising done, so this year I want to kick it into high gear. I'm experiencing some resistance from some of the other adults on the committee, but I think the kids will win them over in the end. ;)

For February we had a bake sale. We spent about 5 hours baking and decorating cakes, cookies and brownies the Saturday before Valentine's Day. Initially we sold what we had at church, but we were sooooo excited about how generous everyone was that the kids talked us into selling more out in front of Wal Mart.

While that didn't go over as well as we thought it would, (who knew you had to have a permit now?) A big THANKS goes out to Anna's Linens which is located RIGHT next door to Wally World who said they would love for us to use their door step.

We set up shop there and the kids politely asked folks passing by to donate any amount they'd like and in exchange they could have any of the goodies on the table. I was amazed at how well the kids all worked together and how they persevered over all the "No thank yous" and "not nows" they received.

We had two young men, about 13 or 14 each, actually walk over to us and give us the change they had in the pockets, and not take anything. They said that they just wanted to help the kids get to camp. All kids should be able to go to church camp. Amazing isn't it.

So many people gave us what they could to help, and we appreciated it so very much. In the short 2 hours we were out there they made another $70.00 to help fund camp. Totalled in with the 227.00 we had donated from our congregation, they earned over $300.00 in one day.

Three Hundred Dollars!

We were ELATED! Isn't it amazing how a handful of change or a few crumpled dollar bills can change a life. The giver because they get to feel the joy of helping others and the receiver, because in this case they get to go to camp and experience something wonderful.

PS See that cute little wooden heart sign? I won it! You can find it here if you'd like your very own. She's even got a bunch of other super cute signs up for grabs too!


  1. Love, love, love your heart. I read your post about your home life as a teenager. You are a strong woman. I am amazed at what people can go through. God Bless you and your family. Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
    God Bless,
    < a href="">Finding My Life in Faith< /a>

  2. Thank you Shelley! It is amazing to look at the trials that He shows us we can get through and learn something to boot!
    I'm already following you actually, and your little Brady sounds like she'd be two peas in a pod with my 3 yr old. :)