Tuesday, March 1, 2011

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 - Your favorite show

Hmmm, this one is kind of a toughie since I don't watch very much tv. I do like reality tv, lol. I like 19 kids and counting and I like medical shows. You know the real ER shows, you know the gross ones that other people don't like them.
Anyone remember ER? I was sooo sad when it ended!

The Boy and I do like....

and since I'm considered a "large family", I have to get pointers from one of the best out there...


  1. Oh man the Episode on ER where Dr. Green dies.....I bawled like a baby!

  2. I totally and completely miss ER, I cried so much on the last episode. What a great cast they had!

  3. I LOVED ER. you really should check out grey's though I'd suggest getting the first season on dvd or soemthing to get into the right way.
    and i can't get into off the map at all. i don't know why.

    i love reality tv too. i love watching the duggars even though I don't really get it since i'm at my witts end with 3 most days.

  4. ER was a classic, raising the bar for other medical shows. I've never heard of The Ultimate Fighter before.

  5. I love 19 Kids and Counting! it's sooo different from my own but there is just somethin' about them

  6. I like 19 kids and counting as well.

  7. I also like 19 kids and counting. Such a different way of life but I like to watch it.