Monday, March 21, 2011

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 13

Day 13 - how I relax

For a long time I thought that I would never be able to balance my family duties, working, and sleep let alone relaxing time. Now I wouldn't say that I've mastered it now, but I'm working on it.

About every four months or so The Boy and I go out with a group of friends. We usually go to a bar/club spot fairly close and dance and have fun. Until recently I was always nursing so I never drank, but once I relinquish the title of Designated Driver and get crazy with a drink. Since I still have to be mommy the next day I know better than to have more than one though, ohhhh that was a hard lesson learned. ::wink::

There are two bands that we frequent and we love them both! They are both so much fun. Both bands are cover bands. They go all out and make it so much fun. We always have a blast, and spend the next few days with sore leg muscles from dancing all night. Seriously if you like 80's music and ever have a chance to see them live, you have to do it. Grab some of your fun friends (you know the one's I'm talking about) and head out to a show. You'll be hooked too!

I couldn't believe how refreshed I felt after the first time I went. It was like I had a week off, I was so full of life and patience the next day. Since mommy's need major amounts of patience I was hooked, lol. There's nothing quite like being able to act crazy with a bunch of your closest friends to get you back in a happy mood.

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