Wednesday, March 23, 2011

31 Day Photo and Post Challenge - Day 17

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Day 17 - Are you named after someone?

I am actually named after my uncle. My parents grew up in a tiny town, and my uncle and mom were close friends waaaaay before my parents declared their undieing teenage love for one another. One day at the only hang out in town, the old arcade, while playing a video game my mom declared that if she ever had a girl she would name her Randi. She loved the thought of naming her children after someone she was so close to, and she thought it would be a "hip, cool" name.

Yea, I'm thinking that she may not have thought that one all the way through. Don't get me wrong in a world of Jennifer's and Jason's I am happy that I have a unique name. It does get annoying repeating to everyone my corrected name. Nope, not Brandy, Randi, R-A-N-D-I. Nope, not short for Miranda. No, my mom didn't think I was a boy. Yes, they wanted a girl. Yep, I'm the only girl. Yes, I have actually said every one of those sentences. Repeatedly.

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