Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preteens Make Me Wanna Scream

Yes, I said it. No lovey love over here right now. This has been quite the last few months around the Jones household and Beanie has been quite a lot of the drama. You see she's now at the "I'm the smartest person ever" stage with a little "I'm the biggest so I'll bully you into doing what I want to do" sprinkled on top.

Now don't get me wrong, she is an amazing older sister. She is helpful around the house, great at finding things (super important here!), loves to read to her sisters and welcomes the chance to make pancakes while I check emails and do blog stuff. However this past few months have been just awful, she's defiant, she talks down to the other girls, she acts like they are too young to understand anything, etc. I understand it's part of growing up, especially growing up the oldest of five children, but COME ON! Seriously I may rip my hair out and scream if this doesn't stop soon.


  1. Coming by to say hello....hope your little girl had a great birthday! 5 girls, I would go completely nuts lol(I have one). I hope your older daughter grows out of this stage quickly for your own sake:)

  2. I am NOT looking forward to the pre-teen years. My daughter has a strong personality like I do so I know it will mean trouble. Thanks for stopping by - yeah, I am glad I wasn't at that Costco when that woman made my hubby turn around. I did forget that some babies are afraid of men so maybe that's what it was. Oh well...

    Happy Monday!