Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet the newest member of our family


Don't laugh because my cat has a first name and a middle name, lol. Okay it's a little strange, but let me explain. We really liked the name Jax, in fact it was on the list for Jupiter, until we really seen his markings and decided the swirls on his back legs looks like Jupiter the planet. I liked the idea of giving him a biblical name since he was abandoned at a church. This led to some discussion and debate amongst the family and the name Jaxon Moses was born.

Gambit is none to happy with the new addition, but Jupiter is very excited to have someone to play with. Jax isn't much of a play mate right now, he's a little overwhelmed with the changes in his life right now. We just picked him up yesterday and he was terrified on the way home. He actually spent a the first few minutes on the dashboard until he realized it was safe to come down.

He has a very loud meow, and woke us up this morning about 3:30am, I think it was because of Gambit. He had made it to the kitchen, but he couldn't get back to the room because Gambit was in his way. Being the loving mommy that I am, I tried a bazillion things first including showing him where the little box was and getting him something to eat and drink. Finally I realized he just needed to be picked up, so I carried him back to the bed. He greeted The Boy this morning before he left for work and he seems to really like him. That's AWESOMELY FANTASTIC since we had to do a lot of begging, borrowing, and bartering to get Jax. :)

Welcome home Jax, we are so happy to have you!

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  1. What a beautiful cat!!Jax didn't come from Sons Of Anarchy did it? We love that show!