Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes it's hard to remember that we are thankful for all those people in our lives that make us crazy. Yes, I'm including the kids in that one. I am thankful that they make me a better person, that they wrap their tiny arms around me when they're sleeping at night and that they listen to my words the first time about half the time. :)

While we're together this wonderful holiday I will be concentrating on all the things that they do that make me thankful for their sweet smiling faces. I will totally ignore that they are not wearing the outfits that I picked out, instead choosing a play shirt with a hole and old jeans. Really in 20 years will that matter, NO! They're not going to remember whether or not they matched perfectly or care for that matter right now. All that really matters is that we are together and happy.

So we're off to my Mom's to gobble down turkey and pies. We LOVE food in our family so this is definitely one of our favorite holidays! Besides what better way to work off calories than to SHOP! WHOO HOO I love Black Friday!

Stop 1 - Mom's to eat and be joyful with the family.
Stop 2 - Meet up with my friend Beth to plan our attack on the stores!

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