Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

After much debate we (The Boy and I) decided that we wanted to REALLY tone down the "gimmes" that most kids around this time of year. I understand the excitement that comes from thinking of owning every single toy in the ToysRUs catalog, but seriously do you need even a fourth of that - we think not.

As parents it's our jobs to ensure that they appreciate the things that they have in life. Even the smallest things like hot running water and a warm comfy bed to sleep in. Since we want our girls to understand that they do have a pretty good life, we think they need to understand that they ARE NOT going to get everything handed to them. Or gifted to them wrapped in brightly colored paper with festive bows on top.

We decided on 3 presents period this year. Good enough for Jesus, good enough for the Jones'. :) We braved the Black Friday crowds and set off on our mission of sale mastery. Beth and I decided that we were going to be splitting up this year, and would each be taking our others with us. Hmmmmmmm...

The Boy is used to the "magic" of Black Friday, Beth's husband gave us crazy looks as we ran frantically walked at a quick pace through stores grabbing our goods and rushing to check out as quickly as possible. He didn't understand the fundamentals that go into this type of extreme shopping and how you MUST learn the layout of each store and MUST have each stores deals memorized. I'm happy to announce that he made it out alive, but I'm not sure that he'll return for a second go around next year. The Boy on the other hand will be there with bells on and elbows out. His favorite part of Black Friday is not shoving people out of the way, and running past them to get the last whatever we happen to be after, okay maybe that is his only reason for loving it. Whatever, I need him to help me get through the doors, lol!

After visiting 6 stores before 6:15am we were done. Whoo hoo! Earliest year ever, we actually got into bed when it was still dark out. We slept for a few hours stopped in at another store to grab some things for my Grandma, then headed to get the kids.

We decided to drop into the Goodwill since The Boy seen a sign waiver outside of one announcing their 50% off sale for Black Friday. Ummm, yes, thanks we'll be there. Of course we didn't get there until it was almost closed but we managed to grab a few things for less than 10 bucks. The Boy made dinner - aka he bought pizza.

Closing the day with a snuggle under my favorite blanket (bought at a previous Black Friday sale) with my favorite boy. Oh how I love days that are so much fun!


  1. You are right unless I need him to stand in line for a big ticket item at Wal-Mart my other is NOT going! LOL

  2. Hubs doesn't go with me either, although I don't usually go out until later in the day either, unless there's just something we want/need extremely bad.:) Thanks for following MamaBuzz! Yeah, broken elbows are awful!:) Not fun....