Friday, January 11, 2013

The Art of Bartering Among Siblings

Since the girls are getting older they're catching on to the art of bartering. With little to no money available to them, they are creative. Mostly they offer to do each other's chores for one another.

After trying a ton of different systems for chores around here, we've settled on something that's easy for everyone to keep up with. Each week we write down the chores on a sheet of paper, fold it up and they pick one. Now this means that you have a one in four chance of getting the exact same chore (Sassy doesn't do chores at our house since she's here so infrequently). Sadly for Beanie, this has meant that for the last 3 weeks she's had the dreaded "Cats" chore.

Now all that really means is that you are responsible for feeding, watering, and cleaning up after the cats for the week. The worst part of the cats is doing the cat box. I don't think anyone truly likes to clean the box. The good thing for her sisters is that she's tired of doing it also, and as an added bonus she was gifted money for Christmas. This means right now she's paying for someone to do her chore. Spunky Girl was quick to volunteer today. Eagerly cleaning out the boxes to earn her money.

Spunky was given a bank that counts her money as she adds it for Christmas, and she's trying so hard to surpass Nanners total. :) A little sibling competition is alright. ;)

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