Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spunky Girl Turns 7!

7 years already? It's amazing how fast time flies by, especially when you think about how life changes in that seemingly short period.
Spunky has been a ball of energy from day one, never sleeping, always going, going going. It was like she has a set of never ending batteries. Even today she's got more energy than one person should be allowed. She's amazingly intelligent. AMAZINGLY! Before we went to Christmas break she already finished her entire 1st grade math book, and completed over half of the 2nd grade book. She catches on to things so quickly, it's both a blessing, and a curse. She's caught Daddy and I in a few white lies before since she is extremely quick with figuring things out.

I interviewed Spunky Girl to get an idea of her latest and greatest plans for the future. Here's what she said:

When I grow up I want to be: chef
My favorite color is: RED  (this is new, it was pink & green last month!)
My favorite food is: I'm not sure about that one.
My favorite dinner is: Burger King
My shoe size: 13
My favorite TV show: The Green Ninja
My favorite movie: Breaking Dawn Part 2
My favorite book: Elephants and Tigers (Baby Big Girl gave this to her for Christmas)
My favorite subject in school: Science
My favorite animal: Elephant
My favorite game to play: Sorry!
My favorite song: anything by One Direction
My favorite outfit: I don't care.
I'm ___7"___ tall. (WOW!)
I weigh __40 or 50__ pounds. (that's about right!)
For my birthday dinner I want to eat: John's Incredible Pizza
This year I want to learn: learn how to make Elephant Toothpaste (Nanners science experiment)
If I could have any pet in the world, I would want a: horse
My favorite thing to do is: play
My favorite memory of being 6 years old is: I don't have one.
My least favorite memory of being 6 years old is: I don't know.

Well as you can see Spunky is creative with some answers, and forgoes others. 7" tall is a little understatement ;) The last 7 years have been perfectly wonderful, no matter how much we may complain about her lack of sleeping, destruction, or crazy energy levels we wouldn't have it any other way. Although I can firmly say that the cutting of the furniture and the writing on it has got to stop! :)

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