Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spunky & Smart

I've decided that as a parent we should brag about our children more often. Simply put, we tend to forget that these little gals need a little uplifting once in a while. Not so much that they think they're the next
 "Kar-Daaa- she an" (yes, I know that's not the correct spelling), but enough that they never doubt just how unconditionally proud we are of them.

Spunky Girl has well, more SPUNK than that of your average 6 year old. She sings, dances, twirls, hops, runs, bounces, talks loudly, asked a million questions and so much more ---- and that's in only an hours time. Simply put she's not your average little girl. Now when it comes to many situations you can imagine that her antics can stress even the most patient person. There are many memories I can recall of myself crying from not being able to understand WHY she can't just sit still for a few minutes. Why she can't stop twirling in the middle of the room as we read. Even shamefully, why she can't just stop being her for a few minutes. I would never want her to truly stop being herself, there are times when I just want nothing more than to have a small piece of quiet.

When it comes to something that she wants to do, Spunky throws herself into it whole heartedly. She's off and running before the bell has sounded, and she's approaching the finish line before the rest of crowd even began. This is a shining example of that....

In the first 5 months of school Spunky has completed an entire years worth of math. Yep, an entire YEAR of math. I decided this year I wouldn't hold her back no matter what. If she was racing through one subject I would allow that, even if she was struggling through another. This has allowed her confidence to raise to such a point that it is running over to her other subjects. She's ready to tackle a subject that she's less interested in, just because she knows that she can bust through her math in no time. Since she's so far ahead in her math she can proudly offer her support to her sister when she needs it. :)

I am so proud to have this wiggly, giggly, wild, dance machine as one of my own. We are so proud of you Spunky!! Great job!!

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