Friday, January 4, 2013

Beanie's Homecoming 2012


Shut the front door!! Homecoming came up on us like a hidden tornado. We had our dress, our hair, everything all planned out. Being a typical teen she decided the day of that she needed other shoes, dress, hair, jewelry stuff. 5 hours before homecoming we are frantically doing her over. In the end we got it under control and she made it to the dance before she turned into a pumpkin.

That hair - blue! I know it's really more of a purple, but that bottle said blue dang it! My hands were blue at least. The first of so many dances to come, she looked amazing. You better enjoy these pictures, since she chose not to take any at the dance!!! Yeah, she really did!! {{SMH}} The Boy and I thought she was kidding, but alas these are the only pictures of her first high school dance. In the end all that matters is that everything worked out. Thanks to Auntie Trina for loaning us her dress at the last minute. :)

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