Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guess I'm Doing Something Right

While I was in scrubbing down the girls bathroom today, I thought I better go check on the littles since the big girls were doing their independent work. I walked into the kitchen to find Baby Big Girl perched on the counter, singing "He's got the whwooole wowrldD in Him hanz".

Now prior to child 3, I would have probably freaked out, yelled and starting running across the room. Nope not anymore. I've learned that, with my girls at least, that reaction usually ends up causing more trouble than staying calm.

I ask her what is is exactly she's doing. She looks at me contently, and replies, "I'm cweaning the dishes Mama", with bubbles up to her elbows and a little blue scrubber in her hands.


It's so nice sometimes to get confirmation that what we're trying to teach them is actually sinking in. Now I wish I would have just grabbed the camera.

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