Saturday, October 9, 2010

Crazy sleeping

My girls inherited their crazy sleeping genes from their Dad. Definitely not me. You see, my family and I generally don't sleep. Insomnia - yep it's what we got! I can literally lay awake for hours at night, running over random things such as Christmas presents, what we'll have for dinner, who will be invited, and what will be our family ornament this year. On top of that I'll actually get up and try to figure these things out, no wonder I'm always tired!

My girls however are like their Dad, they can fall asleep in just moments and sleep through just about everything. Seriously, at our church bazaar, Baby Big Girl fell asleep and slept through the last two hours, including us vacuuming next to her, then continued sleeping through the 5 minute car ride home, and return to sleep for another 30 minutes after arriving home. Waking up just as I was getting ready to lay down myself. UGH!

The girls will wander off and crash somewhere for a few hours. I have proof...

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