Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Fun

The last five days have been a whirl wind of kids, chaos, and my attempting to control it all. Now, by no means do we have a large house, and this week it felt smaller than ever. With family from out of town, family in town, and friends visiting all at the same time space becomes very important. We had our usual 7, plus my brother and his family (6), plus our our of town guest (3), plus a few friends (3) and my Mom who is a regular around here.

Chaos is what I called it, especially since the majority of those 19 were children. Children that when together in a group can tear down Mount Rushmore in mere minutes and fill the Grand Canyon with their laundry. I struggled to stay afloat of the dishes and laundry each morning. Mid way through the week I gave up on washing our houses clothes and instead focused on towels, sheets, and our guest laundry. This still meant 2 - 3 loads daily.

We went bowling up at Country Club lanes since my nephew said that he wanted to go. Four vehicles, 6 car seats, extra socks for everyone, four bowling lanes, 19 pairs of shoes and a bunch of bowling balls - we were set.

The kids had a great time, they all of course had to choose their own ball. The younger kids used a ramp to get the ball down the lane, along with bumpers to block the gutters. They were so excited to see the balls knocking over the pins. Ayden was especially impressed with them falling, he would throw his hands in the air every time and shout "YAY!".

Each kid bowled at least one strike, most of them more than that. The men all bowled together, which was great for us, less competition! :) All in all everyone had a great time bowling together.

Afterwards we took over the Del Taco across the street. They have 39 cent tacos, and we needed LOTS of them to feed everyone. We started off with 50 tacos, and ended up grabbing a dozen more. The staff there was great, they were super fast getting our food to us, which when you have that many kids you really appreciate that! Quick, easy and filling! Plus it made everyone happy, including the adults who managed to feed everyone for less than $60. A perfect wrap up to the day!


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  3. Oh wow, I don't know if I could mentally handle that many people and kids... not to mention everyone's laundry and the dishes. Bowling was a great idea though, what a good way to keep everyone happy! And mmm, I could go for some 50 cent tacos right about now... :)

    (Thanks so much for your awesome minivan comment, I really appreciate it! I'm forwarding it over to my husband because I know he hasn't thought through all of the great points that you mentioned!)

  4. Bowling is a great idea! I've always wanted to take the kids!!

    Thanks for commenting on my guest blog over at Scary Mommy! Glad to hear time out peeing is the "norm"! lol!