Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thrifty Decor

I absolutely love a bargin, and I love to create. So when I finally convinced The Boy to let me do just that for the latest piece of furniture we bought I jumped at the chance. He EVEN WENT WITH ME searching! WOWWZZA!

Now I'm a shopper, deep down to the core. The Boy is not so much one. Nope, maybe a fourth of the way down, but definitely not to the core. He's a get in, grab, get out kinda shopper. I'm a let's look around you never know what you can find unless you look kinda shopper. Needless to say this doesn't mix well.

To make this as easy as possible we dropped the kids off at their enrichment classes, and set forth on our mission. We searched several thrift stores near the school, and even tried a Big Lots. I found a fabulous pair of hot pink pants for Beanie and a great pair of dress shoes for us (we now share shoes since she's the same size) that still had the tags on them. Five bucks - bargain!

We had almost given up and decided that we'd hit one more. There was a Goodwill on the way back to the school and we popped in there thinking that we wouldn't find anything. Boy were we wrong! We scored all kinds of fabulous things in there! SCORE!

We snagged a fold up rocking chair, like the ones that we take camping and to softball games, but it's a rocker! Super excited! The Boy picked out a gorgeous anniversary clock for Grandma. We grabbed some more Christmas decorations for the Kids Club at church - love cheap crafty stuff! The best deal was our fancy smanzy new buffet. Well alright when you see past the need to sand it and clean it you will see it's beauty.

It's very hard for The Boy and I to agree on household stuff since we have such different taste. I totally had to sell him on my idea. I even pulled up some pictures from here and here and here to show him what I meant. Finally he agreed and I happily skipped into Home Depot to pick out paint colors. Have I ever mentioned how much I love to paint. Truly I do. It's really a sickness I'm sure, but hey whatever.

One gallon of Sly Fox, a sample of Onyx and a pint of glaze later and we're off. A friend came over to help him sand the buffet down and by the time I returned from work that night they had done both that and the bar that has needed sanded our entire relationship. Whoo hoo! I tried to get him to do my table top too, but no dice.

One coat of Sly Fox and two coats of the glaze. Yes, we totally painted in the playroom. The garage was too cold for the paint, so we had to take drastic measures.
For the record, I do not recommend doing this. You see if you take the small people's play area they play in other areas. Sometimes they color on the wall while not being entertained as well, see final picture. You have been warned.

We love it! Not sure what we'll do about the hardware. I'm thinking we might paint it, but for now I like the vintagy look they give the piece.

P.S. Did you know that if you hit the edge of the wall with your hot pink little league bat while improving one's swing, it will most certainly dent the wall. Your parents are sure to notice when there is not any plaster on the wall. Ask Nanners how she knows this.

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