Monday, December 27, 2010

An empty house

Today I'm all alone. The Boy is at work and all my darlings are with a friend. She braved having all of them over night. Hmmm, we'll see how that went once I go pick them up.

What did I do all day? CLEAN! What else? Yes, I am almost caught up on the mountain of laundry that I tossed in the playroom in an effort to keep it out of sight be efficient, we do have to walk past the playroom to get down the hallway. :)

I tackled the girls sleeping room, and gathered the hundreds of books that seem to have been unable to find their way back to the bookshelf this past week and a half. I changed sheets, vacuumed mattresses, scrubbed bathrooms, did dishes, scoured the stove and now I'm blogging a bit before I have to go pick up the kiddos and head off to work.

I love cleaning when the girls are gone, seriously I love to be able to tackle a big ol' project and get it done without someone tearing apart another room while I was distracted. I feel so accomplished right now. Off to work I go though!

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