Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joy oh joy, we've arrived!

Let's pretend I did this in the order I actually should have, okeedohkie? Moving right along...

Yay! After 7 long hours miserably contently strapped into carseats and forced watching movies on the portable DVD players (Yeah for Grandma's reminding us how valuable these are), we are in Disneyland!

First stop HOTEL! Let's unload some of this stuff! hmmmmm, not so much huh? Okay well the hotel decided that we would be unable to check in early, which we pretty much knew before hand, but thought we *might* get lucky. On to plan B, dressing in the McDonalds bathroom.

Don't laugh, the kids were serious. No embarassment here, we were heading to Disneyland. We donned our matching tie dyed shirts and did our hair in the parking lot (well we did the girls hair, I was smart enough to do mine at home).

Off to the happiest place on earth we troted with pep in our step and wonderment donning our eyes. The girls were so excited! First stop, whooo hooo! As we entered Disneyland Alice and The Mad Hatter were preforming right inside the gates. PERFECT! Spunky Girl volunteered to dance with Alice when she asked, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I nearly cried, I know I'm a sap! It was the perfect start to our Disneyland vacation.

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