Monday, September 27, 2010

Entering Blog Giveaways

Have you ever entered a blog giveaway? I know, I know, some of you are thinking, why waste my time, I'll never win those things or even that they are fixed! NOT SO! I can say initially I didn't enter many. I entered a handful, then the unexpected happened --- I WON! ***SQUEAL***

I now enter giveaways nearly every day, and I am still winning. I'm not saying that I win the biggest prizes (however I do keep trying), but I win great prizes everytime. Even if it's not something that you would use (my breast pumping days are over) you probably know someone who would be thrilled with it. I have several pregnant friends and I keep on entering those baby days giveaways because I might just be able to win a great gift for them. Many of the giveaways are HUGE, and others a on a smaller scale, but they are sure fun!

With the holidays coming up I urge you to start looking today. They are literally everywhere in blogland. In fact I'll start you off with a few blogs that specialize in giveaways. Plus just to make you a little jealous I'll include a list of some of the things I've won. ;)

I've won:

* personailzed monkey - I use this as a behavior reward
* set of 6 race cars
* woman's shaving kit
* a sippy cup
* a great Disney penny bank (very exciting for the girls!)
* 250 business cards - I used them as Mommy Cards
* 100 flyers - I'll be using these to promote an event at our church
* Rock'n Phonics DVD's
* a homeschool t-shirt
* a Phonics Flipper (hand created by a bloggie Mommy)
* money management software
* ink saving software
* a beautiful necklace I gifted my Mom

plus so much more!

Check out some of these sites for great giveaways!

- The Tightwad in Utah
- Audrey's Giveaways
- Giveaways for Mom

You never know what you might just win! Think gifts, someone you know may just want those crazy socks that you would never wear ;)

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