Saturday, June 15, 2013

Goodbye 9th Grade

Well it's official we've survived our very first year of high school.  It wasn't without some hiccups, that's forsure, but we are so very glad to be done with it. We are so proud of Beanie for making it through the end of the year, but most importantly for ending  the year stong. She pulled all her grades back up to the acceptable level, and worked her tail off to make it happen. Great job Beanie! For the last day we wanted something special, something that they would remember for a long time. We made them signs telling them how proud we are of them. We glitted, glued and colored our hearts out for those girls smiling faces. Then we attacked them!!                                               

so assuming.....

HAHAHA!! We got them!

Running is useless!

I will get you all!

Even when you run down the street!

Because it's summer baby!!

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