Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer 2012 Highlights

Another summer has blown past us with zero regard to my feelings of wishing time could slow down. The girls have grown even more, their long blonde hair still shimmers in the summer sunshine..and two of them even have a little extra color this year.

As much as I tried, I didn't do any better about blogging through the summer. What I was better about was stopping to read to my girls, to play games on the floor when they asked, to manage my home as best I could. So many exciting things have happened over the summer. Here are some of our favorite summer memories:

June 2012 - Family trip to Folsom Lake
We grabbed our cousins, and MawMaw & PawPaw and drove out to the lake on a whim. It was a simple hey let's go to the lake kinda feeling, not a ton of planning, just fly by the seat of our pants fun. We packed a lunch, grabbed the SPF 50, our favorite chairs and drove out there.

The kids loved it. Warm sunshine, cool water, exploring islands with Daddy and watermelon equal up to a fantastic memory. :)

Our Church Block Party

Our church held our first annual block party in June. The girls helped with all kinds of stuff. They especially loved the face painting station. We had games, live entertainment, vendors, food and more. It was a blast!

July 2012 - Lots of stuff went on during July. Since we had a pretty mild California summer this year, it was nice to be able to head to play at the parks whenever we felt like it. This year both Beanie and Nanners went to church camp. Technically we could say they went in June, but we'll call it July since that's when they returned safe to my arms. :)

Nanner's creating her name tag for camp. She did really well, with only one major scare. Apparently she slipped walking in wet flip flops on her return trip from the pool, and rolled her ankle. Thank goodness one of the camp councilors, Matthew, was a "sports injury" student. He was able to calm everyone down up there, they of course wanted to rush her to the ER, lol! I'm on the phone saying, uh I don't think that's a good idea, let's give her  a few hours. He totally agreed with me, and together the village finally agreed. Overall she had a great year, and can't wait to return next year. 
You'll notice that there's no picture of Beanie....yeah, she ran off to her cabin as soon as we arrived. No pictures for Mommy. :/ Oh well, at least I get to drive her there, lol.

August 2012 - Whew! If it wasn't hot before, the summer season is officially upon us now! The A/C didn't go off all month. That was quite the bill! :( We did manage to get in some camping finally. We drove up to Rattlesnake Bar and camped for the weekend. Too bad this mommy forgot to empty her flash card before we left. I couldn't delete since they were a customers images, so we're stuck with our memories. It was a lot of fun, we took The Cousins, MawMaw, PawPaw, Grandma & our friends the "W" family. There was a ton of walking up and down hills, a huge dash of dirt, topped off with camp fires. All around a pretty good time. You never really appreciate your home until you're away from it for a few days. The best part was that we scouted some really good spots while we were there, and we plan to return next summer. :)

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