Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I did it, after much pushing I did it.

I finally took the plunge, I said I wasn't sure but I did it anyway. I started blogging. I'm not sure that I acutally have anything that other people would want to even read about but hey, it'll be a nice document for my girls later in life. Perhaps I'll keep up it this after the failed attempts of baby books and scrapbooks and mini journals and so on. I start these projects with nothing but good intentions and somewhere along the lines they get pushed to the side so that I can tackle more important projects like laundry and school work. I'm going to try, I mean reallllly try to make sure that this one doesn't. Besides Beth will make sure I blog at least the same that she does!

So here we come folks, that cloud of glitter, fingernail polish and giggles will be my girls, the crazy lady with the camera is me trying to keep up with them. Hopefully we'll give you a few smiles along the road and perhaps you have a few words of wisdom to share with me.....I do have 5 girls afterall and they will all be teens at some point, let's face it I'll need LOTS of words of wisdom.

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  1. I just found this post and yes I will make sure you keep up on this for your children's sake of course and no other reason lol!!